Our outreach initiatives expand our reach, so even more people learn about making sports safe and accessible for all.

Sports Situational Prevention Approach

The Sports Situational Prevention Approach (SSPA) is a new, three-year, grant-funded project in collaboration with leading authority Dr. Keith Kaufman. The SSPA aims to:

  1. help keep athletes safe;
  2. support and strengthen prevention efforts in sports;
  3. create safety tools tailored for use by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and elite youth sports organizations;
  4. create an early warning system to identify and address safety risks when they are in their earliest stages. 

Youth Advisory Board

Colorado-area high school athletes applied to join the Center’s inaugural youth advisory board in the summer of 2018, launch a youth symposium, provide input into educational materials, and meet at least four times per year to increase training and awareness to prevent abuse in sports.



Whether you’re an adult or minor athlete, the U.S. Center for SafeSport has ​a variety of podcasts that feature best practices and tips on how to keep your sport safe.